Bank Eskhata increased its turnover on the MICEX by more than 5%

Bank Eskhata increased its turnover on the MICEX by more than 5%

During the first half of 2015, turnover of Bank Eskhata for transactions concluded on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) amounted to more than 17.2 billion Rubles, which is almost 15.4% of the total volume of transactions among Exchange participants of non-residents. Increase of the Bank turnover in comparison with the year 2014 (35.5 billion. Rubles) was 5%.

We remind that Bank Eskhata is a member of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange since September 2013. At the moment, among the CIS countries direct access to the currency trading on the Moscow stock exchange (except for Russian banks) have banks of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

According to the Department of Treasury of Bank Eskhata, increasing the Bank's share in the Moscow Stock Exchange makes it possible to carry out operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency, while reducing the cost of these transactions, and to make them on current exchange rates.

This platform enables the Bank Eskhata to serve customers on a higher qualitative level, to conduct export-import transactions transparently, to perform conversion operations quickly and efficiently, as well as diversification of foreign exchange assets.

Making exchange transactions on quotations of exchange market, security of transactions is maintained because the transaction conducted within the MICEX currency market, sure to be registered on the stock exchange and the trading process is governed by its rules.

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