Winners took their prizes: key to the car!

Winners took their prizes: key to the car!

Pardaboy Mamarozikov is the client of remittances in Bank Eskhata, one of the last round winners of the promo action “Rushdi Hamkori”. He came to the awarding ceremony with his family. Car “Mercedes-benz” of the E-class has already waited its holder at the bank door.

-    One of my sons made a pilgrimage to the holy places this year, another one got the car as a present. This is really the most remembering and lucky year for our family! – said the mother of Pardaboy Mamarozikov, the winner of the promo action, from Ghonchi region.

The next winner is Kamariddin Yatimov from Tadjikobod region. When he got the good news, he declared with happiness, that he would make a banquet for his relatives and friends about the victory!

The third winner is Faizali Karimov from Voseh region of Khatlon province. In spite of being young, he regularly goes to Russia and send his money to the family. His father as well works there and sends his funds home. That time, Faizali came back home and received remittance from his father in Bank Eskhata. In this way, he won in the promo “Rushdi Hamkori”.

The award ceremony was held at the head office of Bank Eskhata. Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Eskhata Akbar Abdushukurovich Nazarov presented car keys to the winners.

In media interviews, the winners of the action said that now, as a result of their victory, they became more trusting to Bank Eskhata. They called upon the people to cooperate with the bank because Bank Eskhata is really close to the customers.

In conclusion, customers with their relatives boarded on the gifted cars, made a ride about Khujand city and went home with especially pleasant and memorable impressions. Their family members and friends wait them at home ready to take a drive by the new cars.

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