Keep pace with the times: use banking card to pay!

Keep pace with the times: use banking card to pay!

In the modern world, there are different ways to make payment for purchases or services. Thus, buyer is able to follow traditional way of cash, and he can do the same with banking card.
Certainly, majority of adults are not ready to pay with plastic card, while young generation increasingly choose modern alternative payment methods.
In everyday life, applying cash is easy and simple, even habitually, but this mode have some disadvantages as well. For instance, risk of being lost or theft of funds, search for points of currency exchange (if operations are performed in different currencies), risk of counterfeit notes while receiving change, and risk of spreading germs, as banknotes are among the most active peddlers of infectious diseases.
The difference between cash and banking cards is only in their physical form. At first glance, it may seem that paying with a banking card is difficult, but actually, it is wrong. You only need to give your card to the store cashier, to enter your PIN-code, and your purchase will be paid.
We raise this subject, because now we have a great opportunity to use payment method by the local cards in shops and stores, gas stations, hotels and catering outlets.
Now we suggest you a list of service and sales points, where you can make payment with the local card of Bank Eskhata:
1.    “Shaparak” store points in Khujand
2.    Supermarkets “Amid” in 31, m/d, and 113, Firdawsi str., Khujand.
3.    Hotel “Armoni Khujand”
4.    Candy shop of PE “Abdukarimov A.A.”, Shirinihoi Isfisor.
5.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., Eagle statue at the highway to Gafurov.
6.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., Atush market.
7.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., Shaihburkhon
8.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., Kulangir
9.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., at the “Jubilee bridge”
10.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., 12 m/d
11.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., R.Nabiev
12.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., 18 m/d (complex Nasiba)
13.    Gas station “Gasoil”, Ltd., at the Tcell office
14.    Gas station “Sugdneft”, Ltd., 8 m/d
15.    Gas station “Sugdneft”, Ltd., Yova
16.    Gas station “Sugdneft”, Ltd., Mataib
17.    Zara Khujand, Ltd., 5a, I.Somoni str. (mall “TajCity”)
18.    Firaz, Ltd., 5a, I.Somoni str. (mall “TajCity”)
19.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 6, B.Boboeva str. (old bus station)
20.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 171, Gagarin str. (hotel “Ekhson”)
21.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 18 m/d (Juma market)
22.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 13, Lenin str., Nov town, Spitamen region.
23.    Dilpisand, Ltd., n/n, Lenin str., Kanibadam.
24.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 83, B.Mahkamov str., Isfara.
25.    Dilpisand, Ltd., n/n, Muhina str., Kayrakkum.
26.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 33 m/d, Khujand.
27.    Dilpisand, Ltd., teahouse “Somoniyon”, B.Gafurov region.
28.    Dilpisand, Ltd., cross of streets Oplanchuk and Sino, Chkalovsk.
29.    Dilpisand, Ltd., market “20 years of Independence”, Panjshanbe, Khujand.
30.    Dilpisand, Ltd., 64, S.Sherozi, Sino district, Dushanbe.

Keep pace with the times: use local cards of Bank Eskhata, when you pay!

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