Bank Eskhata announced winners of the Promo action “Rushdi Hamkori”, the first round.

Bank Eskhata announced winners of the Promo action “Rushdi Hamkori”, the first round.

One year had not passed yet for the promo action “20 Productive Years”, and Bank Eskhata already resumed the first round of the new Promo action “Rushdi Hamkori”.
On June 22, the first round of the promo action “Rushdi Hamkori” is completed for remittance clients. As a result, three the luckiest customers from three regions of the Tajikistan became owners of 5000 Somoni for everyone. We remind that action covers Dushanbe and RRU, Khatlon and Sogd oblasts.
1.    Sharifov Bobodjon Djamshedovich from Dushanbe, serial number 10081927.
2.    Dustmatova Dilfuzahon Negmatovna from Kayrakkum, serial number 20006728.
3.    Nazarov Tagoymurod from Kulob, serial number 30027608
In addition, customers of the service Overdraft “Kvartet”, taking part in the promo action, got serial numbers, and in the end of the first month, three of them as well became owners of the money prizes.
1.    Savrova Takhmina Hayrulloevna from Dushanbe, serial number A 000305
2.    Kabirova Zulfidjon from Kanibadam, serial number B 000521
3.    Gafforova Bibiradjab from Yavan, serial number C 000182
Random sampling numbers made selection of the first round winners, and it was held for each of the three regions separately. This action lasts until August 31, and customers still have a chance to take part in next two rounds of the promo action “Rushdi Hamkori”. Money prizes of 5000 TJS and 10000 TJS are ready for the winners.
The promo action will complete in September. There are main prizes three cars “Mercedes-Benz” for winners – customers of remittance and money prizes of 20000 TJS for Overdraft “Kvartet” customers.
Customers, who are active in receiving remittance in Bank Eskhata points or customers of the new service Overdraft “Kvartet” have more opportunities to get the grand prizes of the action.
Be active; do not lose your chance!

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