The corporate website will allow the Bank Eshata become even better!

The corporate website will allow the Bank Eshata become even better!

A research company "Imkon Consulting" has conducted a survey of corporate governance in the Republic of Tajikistan under the title "Corporate site through the eyes of investors." As a result, according to the rating among the companies having been evaluated Bank Eskhata received the highest score - 5, 13 points.
The purpose of this study was to present a comprehensive assessment of the completeness and quality of communications with the investment community through the corporate websites, as well as to analyze the possible directions in development of Tajik joint-stock companies communications.
As "Imkon Consulting" states currently the most low cost means in dissemination information both for joint-stock companies and for the stakeholders are corporate website. It has become one of the sources of information about the company.
A well-organized corporate website promotes the formation of a favorable image of the company, which is another asset of the company for building effective relationships with investors and shareholders.
The study covered 32 companies from among financial institutions and non-financial companies having corporate websites which are potentially attractive to investors.
Working over the analysis of information, "Imkon Consulting" conducted rating on ten-point scale, taking into account the following criteria:
1. A separate page for shareholders (investors)
2. The minimum possible information to shareholders (investors)
3. Financial Information
4. Ownership Structure
5. Corporate Governance
6. Disclosure
7. Data on the rating of the issuer
8. Frequently Asked Questions / availability of corporate profiles on social networks
9. Contacts for investors
10. Compliance with best practices on IR (Investor Relations)
It should be noted that this study for Bank Eskhata is an independent view and an important tool to improve its website and this is what Eskhata Bank is intended to do in the nearest future.
On behalf of Bank Eshata management we express our gratitude to "Imkon Consulting" for the provided information, which will assist our bank to become more transparent and accessible to potential investors and further strengthen our relationships with investors - partners of the bank.
Ref.: “Imkon Consulting” operates in the market of Tajikistan since 2007 and specializes in providing comprehensive services in the field of management consulting and business training. Imkon Consulting is an official partner of IFC concerning corporate governance issues.

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