Now customer will not pay commission fees!

Now customer will not pay commission fees!

Great news for customers of the Bank Eskhata, which use Internet banking.
Now using services Internet bank and mobile banking, customer would not pay commission fee for them!
Let us remember that Internet bank can pay utility bills, top-up phone, pay for urban communication and NGN, as well for other services.
Internet Bank provides clients to manage their funds distantly, anywhere in the country and with no need visiting bank office.
In addition, customers, connecting to the Internet Bank, are able to manage their banking accounts from their mobile devices with new user-friendly application “Eskhata Mobile Banking”, based on the operating systems Android or iOS!
Internet-Bank is a full-featured commercial software solution for remote service of bank customers via the Internet through a wide range of devices: PCs, laptops, mobile phones and other devices.
It is not difficult to connect to these systems. Just for once, visit the nearest branch of the Bank Eskhata and show your citizen passport for registry.

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