The 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory!

The 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory!

The fateful date is coming – the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory! This date is full of especial meaning. It is sacred memory about those who died for Peace on the earth; it is our history, grief and joy, pain and memory. This is the Great Victory over the fascism!
Our main duty is to save historical memory about the Great Patriotic War, do not forget our ancestors, who gave their lives for the whole world peace, and to honour heroic deeds of those who passed that brutal war through pains and sufferings.
Victory Day is a holiday, which over years did not lose its sense, but it becomes increasingly important in our lives.

Dear friends – compatriots!
Our days are in peace since the first days of our life through growing up and nowadays! We do not hear explosions of shells and machine-gun fires; we do not see the horrific pictures of destroyed houses and lying here and there bloodied bodies of people. We find it hard to believe that human life is like a thread that can end at any moment.
Thanks to the heroism of the perished soldiers and veterans of the Great Patriotic War; now we can sleep peacefully, and our children have a calm childhood.
Victory Day is happy and sad holiday at once, with tears in one’s eyes.  Unfortunately, with every year, we meet less veterans of the Great Patriotic War among us, but memory of their deeds is going to be ever with us!
Let us protect our peaceful sky, show our care and attention for our heroes - veterans and wish them strong health, home prosperity and clear sky overhead. Let war no longer affect our present and future generations; let our life to be full with sincerity and warm relations of loved people around us.
We bow low to you, our dear defenders of the Motherland!

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