Bank Eskhata has lowered loan interest rates

Bank Eskhata has lowered loan interest rates

Effective from April 15, Bank Eskhata has lowered interest rates for all types of loans being issued in USD. This decision was made by Management Board of Bank Eskhata.
«This decision is aimed to support clients of the bank in the view of current challenges associated with economic crisis and volatility in exchange rates.  Having analyzed the situation and taking into consideration our possibilities, Management Board members unanimously decided to lower the annual interest rate for each type of loan issued in US dollars by 2%» - stated Khurshed Nosirov, the Management Board Chairman.
Thus, if the annual interest rate on loan for cotton growing and its processing before was 22-24%, now it equals to 22-20%. Interest rates for mortgage loans also has been lowered, and now it is 20%. Loan product «Manzili», which is issued for housing repairs has become 24% against the figure of 26% before. Loans issued under the social and ecological project meant for drilling of wells, drip irrigation, construction of greenhouses now are being extended at 18% annual compared to 22% annual before.
It should be noted, that lending remains one of the priorities in the activities of Bank Eskhata which is has been constantly develops from year to year.

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