Happy Navruz Holiday!

Happy Navruz Holiday!

On March 21, a light holiday of Navruz will come to every Tajik home and it will bring news of happiness, joy, beginning of the new year and equinox. Navruz is a great celebration of brotherhood, love, generosity and spring. It symbolizes rebirth of nature, start of a new life, hope for a bountiful harvest and prosperous year.
May the Navruz to bring peace, prosperity, wealth of rich dostarkhan and happiness to every family, to every home! Let all your dreams come true. Good luck to you, strong health, joyful and delight weekdays, great labour successes and achievements!
Navruz has come, ant the whole good humanity
Are ready to celebrate this bright holiday.
Navruz is the East New Year.
And everyone is glad: both adults and children.
Set the table to make it rich,
And gather your whole family here.
Navruz has come from ancient times,
Smile to the holy feast!

Happy holiday of Navruz!

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