Yavan is the Best Branch!

Yavan is the Best Branch!

Motivation of staff is one of the ways to increase productivity. Motivation of the staff work is a key focus of personnel policy of every company. The most effective system for staff motivation is the motivation of the result.
In the Bank Eskhata, motivation of result of activity became a kind of tradition. According to the results of effective activity in 2014, one of the Bank Eskhata branches - a branch in the Yavan district was recognized as the "Best branch." The Chairman of the Management Board Hurshed Dilovarovich Nosirov handed the certificate and pennant to the director of the branch in the Yavan district, Haiyom Hudoydodov on a united meeting of the Bank Management Board with Directors of the bank branches.
It should be noted that this branch started its operations in 2009, and for the second time it is recognized as the "Best branch."
At the question of how the branch managed twice to become the best, director of the branch replied: "The staff of the branch are trying very hard to work according to accepted regulations. They are cohesive one to another. Their solidarity and friendship are to your view; if someone from the staff cannot cope with the task alone, more experienced experts immediately come to him for the help. Perhaps precisely this corporate culture prevailing in our branch is a secret of our success."
We emphasize that the "Best Branch" is defined according to certain selection criteria, namely, on results of the internal audit, on receiving a rating of financial indicators, as well as the level of profitability of the branch. About this, the head of the department of work with staff Ahrorhon Ahrorov informed us.
"All employees of the branch are very happy that their work was appreciated by the senior management of the bank, because title of the "Best Branch" among 23 another branches morally raises the spirit of employees, and as a result, their desire to improve the quality and productivity of their work will repeatedly grow. Branch staff have already set a goal - quality execution plan for 2015 to receive title of the "Best Branch» once again” – marked Haiyom Hudoydodov.
In his turn, the curator of the branch in Yavan, Head of Marketing and Development Department Mirzoibragim Ibragimov congratulated branch staff with this achievement, and shared his thoughts on the activities of the branch.
"The branch has such advantages as high quality of service, transparency, team cohesion and high visibility. All this has a positive effect on attracting new personnel; one might even say that there are no problems in the branch in this direction. We also mark that in today's competitive environment it is not easy to remain successful. However, the team of the branch employees, despite the fact that this branch led by three directors, and each had its own management approach, managed to retain its position as one of the leading branches of the Bank Eskhata in providing remittances and loans. First, it depends on teamwork and high professionalism".
Bank Eskhata congratulates the branch of OJSC "Bank Eskhata" in the Yavan district of achievement, and wish them all the best and high professional wins, because Yavan is the best branch!

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