Bank Eskhata Beats Records in Staff Training!

Bank Eskhata Beats Records in Staff Training!

A unique attitude towards employees is the most important competitive advantage of Bank Eskhata. For the bank management, employees are not a kind of working resource, but human capital. Core values of the company are respect, fairness, equal treatment for employees, regardless of their position, open communication and informing. Job in Bank Eskhata is a permanent career, an interesting learning, an opportunity to realize one’s potential, as well as an active part in various projects.
The key success factor of Bank Eskhata is the presence of coordinated and professional team capable of tackling problems, the bank faces in the process. Therefore, the bank is interested in attracting talented employees and aims to create opportunities for their professional and personal development. Therefore, the bank is interested in attracting talented employees and it is aimed to create opportunities for their professional and personal development.
Thus, 2014 was marked by dynamic development, result of which was increase in the number of employees of the head office and branches and opening of new banking units.
Bank output to a qualitatively new level of development forwarded activities in the field of personnel management to develop and implement policies and procedures to optimize management processes and increase employee motivation to act effectively. In selecting specialists, Bank Eskhata above all is primarily focused on the completion of the bank by qualified and experienced staff. In 2014 took place many competitions for the selection of new employees, and at their results were recruited 1,216 people, of which 934 males and 282 females.
In the past year, considerable attention has been paid to training and development of employees of the bank. They participated and improved their skills at specialized seminars of the world leading business schools, such as "Open University", "International Institute of Management LINK" School of Business "Synergy», HR & Trainings EXPO, Russian School of Management, CSTI "Progress", Microtest, Softline, InfoSec, Moscow Business School, Business format MSB Events, Chachanka Bank, EAG MENAFATF, Russian National Association of SWIFT, LBS International Conferences, Asian Development Bank, International Cooperation Center East West, IBS Project, Commerzbank, AMFOT Mushovir SAS, Audit consulting.
With the aim of training, staff of the bank visited such countries as Russia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Portugal, Estonia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Italy and Austria. Number of staff trained abroad in 2014 amounted to about 200 people, 42 of which are among the leading staff of the Bank Eskhata.

International Conference «Global Trade Partner Meeting 2014», «Cash Management Days», «WE -Mobile financial services," International forum "Constellation of Quality", «XV Summit HR Directors of Russia and the CIS", "Corporate Finance: management, control and internal audit "," development of payment technology: without contact solutions in issuing and acquiring, translations on the cards »,« 3D Secure International Standards risk Management ", also served as a platform for the presentation of the Bank Eshata as one of the leading banks in Tajikistan and development of the banking sector of the country.
Particular attention in the same way was given to training and retraining of loan officers. To improve efficiency of experts, in 2014 there were introduced new methods of teaching. Remote training and testing, organization of strategic sessions in Shahristan and Romit strengthened team spirit, and work and games in teams were as consolidation of the knowledge and development of a team spirit. It should be noted that since the early days of the work in Bank Eskhata, for credit experts are held seminars on promotion of services and specialized workshops on microcredit, lending to small and medium businesses.
Upon completion of long-term courses, top managers of the bank received internationally recognized certificates in several areas of the banking sector. Thus, in addition to the prior knowledge, bank's management leaders became the owners of diplomas Master of Business Administration, programme of which is accredited by the International Organization based in London - Association of MBAs (AMBA). These courses let management heads to learn and reinforce the basic economic and managerial disciplines, to study the global business environment, develop the ability to make strategic decisions, to study processes taking place within the organization, to learn effective behavior in the organization, to develop leadership skills.
"QMS - Quality Management System" is another subject of the seminar; most of the bank staff were trained it. Implementation of QMS influenced the management structure, improved work efficiency, allowed to provide services at the level of modern requirements for quality, changed attitudes and thinking of employees, ranging from heads of departments to specialists.
According to statistics from the Department of Human Resource Management, the total number of employees trained in 2014 at Bank Eskhata was 1 309 people.
Bank Eskhata considers training as one of the top priorities, which allow banks to solve problems associated with new activities more effectively, and to maintain the necessary level of competitiveness, quality and employee productivity, to strengthen customer loyalty and improve the ability of staff to adapt to the changing socio-economic conditions and requirements of the market. Due to the annual training program, bank maintains and distributes among the staff core values of the organizational structure, which resulted in increased growth of staff and thus expand the horizons of career prospects.

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