100 000 Somoni – Really Golden Remittance!

100 000 Somoni – Really Golden Remittance!

Bank Eskhata and the service “Zolotaya Korona (Golden Crown) Money Remittance” announced the main winner of the promo “Golden Remittance”, who was presented with money prize of 100 000 TJS!

Happy owner of the money prize is Nosir Kosimov (SMS № 0254882) from Hamadonie region of the Khatlon oblast. He is active recipient of the remittances from Russia. About his prize, the winner had known from Bank Eskhata staff. That news turned out to be a great surprise for him.
This way Nosir Kosimov shared his impressions: “I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that I became winner of the promo action and won 100 000 Somoni. Before I heard about my winning I was sick, but due to the joyful news I rose to my feet and now I talk with you. I am 74 years old, and I even could not think that ever in my life I am able to get so easy, without any efforts, such a big sum of money. Now I can support my son, and I am going to spend the money prize for purchase a house for him. Thanks to Bank Eskhata and “Zolotaya Korona” for this opportunity”.
Bank Eskhata and the service “Zolotaya Korona – money remittance” congratulate Nosir Kosimov with big winning and wish him to realize his plans, as the “Golden Remittance” really became golden remittance for him!

We recall that the promo action “Golden remittance” started on September 15, 2014, and all customers, who took part in it, they were given SMS-numbers or another words chance for winning.
In this way, four bank customers became winners in the promo action “Golden Remittance”, and they got money prizes:

First month promo winner:

Safarova Ulfatmoh Muhiddinovna from Nurek town (SMS №0065949) – money prize 10 000 TJS.

Second month promo winner:

Sanginov Gennadiy Bohodurovich from Dushanbe (SMS №0271706) – money prize 10 000 TJS.

Third month promo winner:

Bekturdiev Abdulhakim from Jilikul region (SMS №0324137) – money prize 10 000 TJS.

The main winner of the promo action:

Kosimov Nosir from Hamadonie region (SMS № 0254882) – money prize 100 000 TJS.

Bank Eskhata appreciates all customers - participants of the promo and wish you luck and success in works and homes. We are getting closer!

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