Trilateral Support of Farmers

Trilateral Support of Farmers

Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors in Tajikistan. Our country has fertile soil and favorable climate which enables development of agriculture.
As we know, majority of the Tajikistan population is engaged in agriculture, and it is one of the main sources of its income.
Bank Eskhata proactively promotes agro loans for its clients on favourable terms, at that not forgetting about rendering them a technical support.
This month Bank Eskhata together with ABCI (Agro Business Consulting International) and “Sarob” organization, made a meeting with chairmen of dehqan farms of Kumsangir and Panj regions, where they presented information to potential clients about new loan products, meant for drilling of wells, drip irrigation, construction of greenhouses and also about new conditions of other types of agro loans.
The main purpose of the meeting was to attract customers' attention and chairmen of dehqan farms to new technologies. By their introduction in Tajikistan farmers can have better harvest. For this, Bank Eskhata is ready to render a financial support in the form of loans on favorable terms. As for ABCI, they can offer consulting support and financial analysis. Up to “Sarob”, they can provide farmers with required equipment. Having enjoyed a trilateral support, farmers can not only simplify the process of sowing and growing crop but also receive timely quality crop.
Main crops, which farmers grow in these regions, are onion, potato, lemon, wheat and cotton.  Big emphasis is placed on growing watermelons and melons which widely distributed throughout the country in the summer-autumn season. Partly abovementioned products are also exported to the Russian Federation.
During this meeting, chairmen of dehqan farms put many questions. They were interested in details of cooperation in this direction, conditions of delivery of modern equipment, terms of loan, and about new agro technologies.
Shohin Sadikov a representative of ABCI, Kiyomiddin Izatov a representative of “Sarob” and representatives of Bank Eskhata Shuhrat Usmonov the Coordinator on agro-loans development and Alisher Yatimov branch manager answered the questions.
As Shuhrat Usmonov pointed out: “Lately environmental protection issues have become actual and very important in the society thus efficient water consumption in the irrigation period have become one of the most important factors for development of agriculture.
For example, in this direction solution to this problem can be found in dripping irrigation systems.     
It is necessary to point out that such kinds of meeting are planned in 2015 and also in other regions of Bank Eskhata’s activities, thanks to which the bank is doing steps for implementation of set goals.       

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