New Branch Office at the Coming New Year!

New Branch Office at the Coming New Year!

New branch office of Bank Eskhata was opened in Dushanbe, that occurred in the year of bank’s jubilee. At the coming New Year it turned out to be as one of the holiday presents for customers and personnel of Bank Eskhata. Opening new branch office is realized according to the development strategy of the bank in order to attract more customers and providing them with quality banking products.
The first branch office of Bank Eskhata in Dushanbe was opened in 2002, and it was aimed to implement banking services, gradually spreading them to other country regions. The branch in Dushanbe became a foundation for other branches opened in regions of the republican subordination and Khatlon oblast. Nowadays there are 2 branch offices and 8 banking services centers of Bank Eskhata in the capital city, which operate to provide bank customers with high quality service.
The new branch office is situated in 11, A.Adhamov str., district Shohmansur, Dushanbe. Now citizens of this district have the opportunity to better use banking services and promote their business.
Staying in the branch office, customers are able to get a loan, to open saving account, to receive or to make money transfer, to use settlement and cash services and others. They can get help of qualified bank staff, who are ready to provide prompt service, in this way contributing to solving their present troubles and for business development.
It should be marked that new branch offices and banking service centers first of all save customers’ precious time, because due to regionally convenient positions of the offices there is spent less time on the road for customers. At the same time Bank Eskhata meets and follows its slogan “We are getting closer”. Welcome to the new office of Bank Eskhata!

Reference: Nowadays (2014.12.17) Bank Eskhata has the network of 23 branch offices, 115 banking service centers and over 430 money transfer points through the major part of the country.

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