Here is winner of the second tour of the promo “Golden Remittance”!

Here is winner of the second tour of the promo “Golden Remittance”!

The promo “Golden Remittance” is going on and commission members by the way of occasional choice defined name of the second tour winner. According to the first month of the promo Safarova Ulfatmoh Muhiddinovna from Nurek town won the cash prize, and at this time fortune turned to male-customer.
Well, now, with great pleasure we congratulate the second month winner of the promo “Golden Remittance”, whose name is Sanginov Gennadiy Bohodurovich from Dushanbe (SMS coupon #0271706). Gennadiy won the cash prize of 10 000 Somoni from Bank Eskhata and the service “Zolotaya Korona Remittance”.
Staff of Bank Eskhata and “Zolotaya Korona” appreciates Gennadiy for the promo participation, and with all soul congratulate his victory and wish him good luck in the coming year 2015!
We remind you that the promo is not over yet! One more winner is going to get the cash prize of 10 000 Somoni. And the main prize of 100 000 Somoni will be handed to the luckiest bank customer in the final resume of the promo “Golden Remittance”. Promo conditions tell that client, who sent or received money transfer by the remittance system “Zolotaya Korona” in any one branch of Bank Eskhata, he becomes a promo participant with personal coupon number sent by SMS.
Everyone hurry up to participate! Perhaps, luck will come to you! Do not miss a chance to get the money so much essential on the eve of coming year!

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