Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Bank Eskhata

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Bank Eskhata

Dear clients and partners!

On the 29th of November the OJSC “Bank Eskhata” celebrates jubilee of 20 years! And for us it is not just a round date, but also a symbolic “milestone”. For Tajikistan twenty years working in the financial market is a sign of experience, reliability, highly qualified management. Becoming almost the same age as domestic credit and financial system, the bank with honor has passed all stages of its formation and development, consistently gaining the status of stable and reliable bank, and at the same time it's expanding its geographical presence. During these twenty years, "Bank Eskhata" shows a steady growth in all major banking indicators, and today it is confidently ranks among the top five banks in Tajikistan.
Since its establishment in 1994, Bank Eskhata set out to meet the business practices of the best banks in the world, using modern banking technology and financial instruments. The Bank continues to strive consistently to meet the highest standards, fully meet the needs of customers, confirming its high reputation.  Reliability, efficiency and commitment to the search for optimal solutions, flexibility and willingness to meet any wishes along with a team of professional staff - that's what stands out Eskhata Bank over 20 years of active service.
And the image of our Bank has become now is not just the merit of the team has worked well, but the result of high trust, manifested by our customers. Reliability, professionalism, compassion - these are the values that guided the bank today and working with clients.
Since its establishment, Bank Eskhata takes the active part in social life of the Tajik nation. For this time considerable work has accumulated invaluable experience, which today serves as the basis for new social initiatives. In the past 20 years, the bank has implemented a number of projects in the field of financing the real economy, philanthropy, support of culture and art, as well as sports.
We sincerely believe that bank is, first of all, relationships, both within the team and externally with customers. Thanks to everyone who has been with us all these years! Thanks to all those persons who appreciated our work and used our services. I want to assure you that with your further support Bank Eskhata will continue its dynamic development, and the good relations established between us for all these years – they will serve as a key to our mutual success in the future.
We wish you successful implementation of the plans, always to be full of creative inspiration, vitality, harmony and confidence in future days. We wish you peace and prosperity to the families, for all relatives to have strong health, bright happiness and common accordance.

The Chairman of the Bank Eskhata Management Board Mr. Khurshed Nosirov.

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