Show-concert for the 20th anniversary of Bank Eskhata

Show-concert for the 20th anniversary of Bank Eskhata

On September 20 in the stadium "20th Anniversary of the Independence of Tajikistan" in Khujand city, for the 20th anniversary of "Bank Eskhata" a grand show-concert was held featuring Tajik pop stars such as Nigina Amonqulova, Jonibek Murodov, Noziyai Karomatullo, Bakha 84, Damirbek Olimov, Takhmina Niazova and the dance group "Padida."
The show-concert was opened by the masters of ceremonies Azam Akbarov and Kibriyo Akhmedjanova with the words "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the show-concert dedicated to the anniversary of Bank Eskhata! "
While the masters of ceremonies in their speech pointed out the successes and achievements of the Bank verbally, an image-making video about 20 years of the Bank Eskhata activities confirmed it visually.
Further the deputy Chairman of Sughd Region Mr. Anvar Yakubi and Khujand Mayor Mr. Rajabboi Ahmadzoda were invited to stage. In their speech the governmental officials highlighted successful and dynamically developing activities of Bank Eskhata as one of the most prestigious banks in Tajikistan congratulated the staff of the Bank on the Bank anniversary. Compliments were received by Chairman of the Bank Eskhata Management Board Mr. Khurshed Nosirov.
After greeting words winners of the promotional action "20 soli purbaror" (20 Successful years) were invited to the stage in a solemn atmosphere to receive keys of the presented cars Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The winners were Kudratova Bibioisha Muhmadievna from Shakhrinav, Sultonova Rano Tukhtasinovna from Asht and Safarov Ziyoratsho Fathuddinovich from Vose district.
On this solemn atmosphere the opening ceremony came to its end and the show-concert had begun. The show-concert was presented by Bank Eskhata to Sughd region people.
The stadium which holds more than 25 thousand people was completely full. The concert participants joyfully welcomed the pop stars, sang and danced with them. Their best known songs and hits were listened at this concert.
The great gift for the Bank Eskhata has become a duet performed by Jonibek Murodov with his famous father, the Honored Singer of the USSR Jurabekov Murodov, who personally came to congratulate the Bank and sang several songs. The most popular song of his "Zulaikho" was accepted by the stadium audience with highest cheers, and all people attending the concert loudly sang together with the outstanding artist.
The impression, which the audience shared during the interview to the media, means that the show-concert turned as the unforgettable event and the perfect gift from Bank Eskhata to our citizens.
The concert was finished by the festive bright colourful fireworks under corporate song of the Bank sang by Tahmina Niyazova. The personnel of Bank Eskhata, holding hands of each other, in a loud voice, sang the song together with Tahmina, thereby strengthening the atmosphere of solidarity and unity.
The management of the Bank appreciates the Regional and City Governments for the support rendered to hold the show-concert, the producer-company “JM” for organizing and hosting the concert at the highest level, the mass-media, as well as support team of the Bank personnel who showed the highest responsibility for the task entrusted to them.

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