Championship on mini-football for the Cup of "Bank Eskhata" has started!

Championship on mini-football for the Cup of "Bank Eskhata" has started!

On the October 31st an opening ceremony of the Championship on mini-football for winning the Cup of "Bank Eskhata" between banks and microfinance institutions, and veterans of the game has commenced. This Championship is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Bank Eskhata.
The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the banks and MFIs, football teams, media representatives, as well as management and staff of Bank Eskhata.
Chairman of the Bank Eskhata Management Board Khurshed Nosirov delivered a speech and declared the Championship to be open. He noted that this championship is being held in a year of grassroots football promotion, and he wished success to all teams that will compete in this tournament. He also pointed out that playing football teaches to undertaking team actions, promotes education of conscious discipline, instill appropriate behavior skills in a team, facilitate to companionship relationships. This sport trains endurance, flexibility, courage and tolerance, improves health and trains the body. And despite the results of the Championship, we all understand that the most important thing is not to win but to participate.
Then the National anthem of Tajikistan sounded under music of which country's flag, symbolizing the start of the championship on mini-football was raised.
Football teams "Eshata-1" and "Matin" were the first who entered the play field.  The game ended with a score of 11:0 in favor of "Eshata-1".  The following competing teams were the teams of the First Microfinance Bank and the team Sohibkorbank. As a result, a difficult match Sohibkorbank managed to finish the game in its favor with a score of 5:1.
The competitions will continue. Who will win in the final game and get the Cup of Bank Eshata? Time will show. We only can say with confidence that it will be the strongest team!

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