Inclusive concert: It was for the first time!

Inclusive concert: It was for the first time!

On September 18, in Kamoli Khujandi theatre inclusive concert entitled “Equal Vision” was held for the first time. The concert was organized and conducted by the Non-Governmental Organisation “Parents of children with developmental problems” with support of Bank Eskhata and the «ABILIS» Fund. The inclusive concert with participation of Tajik pop stars in pair with persons with disabilities “Equal vision” was aimed to increasing knowledge of the society about the rights of physically disabled people. The purpose of a concert was to attract public attention to problems which physically disabled people face, and to show the potential of persons with disabilities, a diversity of their interests and capabilities.
The concert brought together a lot of audience, the hall and balconies of the theater were full. Warmth of hearts, loud applauses, full support of the audience sharing pleasure of children and their talented performances together with pop stars of Sughd region gave to the concert the special atmosphere and a feeling of confidence in equality of the right for full-fledged life.
Each participant who performed was awarded with a diploma and a TV set as a gift from Bank Eskhata. During rewarding of participants, the Head of Marketing and Development Department of Bank Eskhata, Mr. Ibragimov M.I. emphasized the unforgettable atmosphere of this event and that excitement which was experienced by everyone sitting in the concert hall. On behalf of the management of bank, Mr. Ibragimov congratulated participants with their first performance at the professional stage of the theater and wished them further success in development of the talents.
It should be noted that this concert once again became a reminder of that we should have care about each other, thank our life for every lived minute. After all, these strong spirit children set us thinking on those opportunities, having which, we don’t use today.
It is possible that the inclusive concert has already become an impetus for the creation of the favorable future to children with limited abilities. After all, their talents should not remain unnoticed!
The sponsor of the project, Bank Eskhata having supported this initiative, heartily appreciates NGO “Parents of children with developmental problems” for the idea of holding an inclusive concert, because “The equal vision” is the way for children with disability to have confidence and wellbeing in their life!

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