“Zolotoi Perevod” (Golden Remittance) found the first owner

“Zolotoi Perevod” (Golden Remittance) found the first owner

Golden autumn reigns in our region inspiring us with its gold paint for new and attractive ideas. In this golden season Bank Eskhata and money remittance system "Zolotaya Korona" declared a promotional offer called “Zolotoi perevod” (Golden Remittance) whereby any client sending or receiving money transfers by the money remittance system "Zolotaya Korona" in any one remittance outlet of Bank Eskhata becomes a participant of the offer and gets SMS number of the participant. This SMS number gives an opportunity to the luckiest client to win a prize in the offer “Zolotoi perevod” (Golden Remittance).

So, a month has passed since the offer beginning, and we already have the first winner. This lucky person is from Nurek, her name is Safarova Ulfatmoh Muhiddinovna, SMS number 0065949.

In this beautiful golden time fortune smiled to her and Ulfatmoh won the cash prize of 10,000 TJS.

The staff of Bank Eskhata and "Zolotaya Korona" thank Ulfatmoh for her participating in the campaign and heartily congratulate her on the winning!

However the offer does not end there! The following two winners will also receive cash prizes of 10,000 TJS

A grand prize in the amount of 100,000 TJS will be awarded to happy and lucky client of the bank in the outcome of the offer “Zolotoi perevod” (Golden Remittance). Hurry up, perhaps fortune will be exactly on your side!

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