Overdraft – a new service for a payment card

Overdraft – a new service for a payment card

“Bank Eskhata” introduced an additional service for cardholders. Providing short-term loan - overdraft is convenient in case of lack of funds on the client's card account. Overdraft of up to 40% of the salary amount is credited to the client’s card account during the transfer of salary and it is given as an additional sum.
Overdraft for payment card allows customers to take advantage of additional funds, if it’s necessary, before the salary transfer.

Overdraft has such advantages:

  • Making an overdraft does not require further negotiation with the Bank for the timely receipt of credit funds to the current account;
  • No need to provide justification for the credit funds from the client;
  • Signing up to the product is free of charge;
  • Large amount of overdraft – up to 40% of the salary;

Conditions of the overdraft service provision to the bank’s clients:

  • Currency of the overdraft is Somoni (TJS)
  • Interest rate of the overdraft is 3.33% per 1 month
  • Overdraft is limited by 40% of the salary
  • Term of the overdraft service is according to the term of the payment card

To sign up to the service, the client is required following documents:

  • Application (by the bank)
  • Copy of the personality identification document (passport)
  • Certification of the client’s average salary for 6 months (for new clients of salary projects)

Note: Overdraft service is provided only to the bank clients of salary projects. Interest rate is charging from the start point of actual use of the overdraft service.

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